Immediate Dentures - After Immediate Dentures - Before

Healing time takes 4 to 6 months on average.

What are they?

Immediate Dentures are also known as Surgical Dentures. They are placed in your mouth immediately following your extractions.

Sometimes our natural teeth need to be removed as they are no longer healthy enough inside the gums and bone. Immediate dentures replace your natural teeth and allow your gums to heal, providing function and aesthetics while you heal. Learning to complete everyday functions such as eating and talking will take time and practice to feel comfortable with dentures.

What Can I expect?

Healing time takes 4 to 6 months on average depending from person to person on how fast you heal and other biological factors.

Chewing with this appliance is limited to soft foods during the bone and gum healing process.

Tissue treatments to the dentures can be placed for proper healing and comfort on the gums. Immediate dentures will begin to feel loose as our gums and bone heal.

After healing is complete, a final reline to the denture may be required to make up for the space that is between the gums and denture created from healing.